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CMS Development

AEF Media recognizes that CMS is the new standard for professional applications. Our services include CMS development, prototyping, implementation, and management.

Social Media

Are you as good as your “likes” is the question now asked in board meetings. If your goal is to increase exposure across the social networks, look no further.

Layout & Design

First impressions are everything. We work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life by creating eye popping graphics and website designs that people remember.

Film & Video

Video and film will make an impression on your customers like no other media. From 30-second spots to feature-length films, we can create high-quality visual productions.

Welcome to aef media, a full service multimedia company that eats “good ideas” for breakfast! Specializing in video and film, web design and development, media design and social media, we provide you with an arsenal of services that will take your project or business to the next level.

Epic Website Design

Traditional marketing strategies are not dead despite what some “professionals” may argue, they have only changed. Many brick & mortar storefronts have been replaced by attractive websites and social media initiatives, however that makes those storefronts no less important. How do you have the best of both worlds?

Reach your market dynamically through the web…

Anyone these days can download a program for 20 bucks, watch a quick tutorial and get a basic website up in less than a day. So what’s the big deal? The issue is not simply having a “website” it’s having a “presence.” AEF Media looks at websites the same way as brick and mortar stores. How a customer feels when they walk in the door is paramount, the same applies to a website design. Websites are a direct reflection of your brand identity, mission, and purpose as a business or organization.

Why choose AEF Media to build your website?

  • Creative website design that reflects your message
  • Custom development to fit your specific needs
  • Responsive sites that are mobile & tablet friendly
  • SEO Optimized every page & post
  • Social Media integration and automation
  • Easy navigation and user functionality
  • Certified Google Analytics company
  • Facebook Insights certified and registered Facebook partner
  • Domain & hosting available on private server

Soup to Nuts Production

There is nothing in today’s world that has more impact, higher virality, or longer shelf life than a well thought out and produced video or film. We offer a large array of video services making AEF Media, a one stop production hub for all production needs. Some of our video services include commercial production, post-production & finishing, digital content creation, visual effects, streaming content delivery, and animation.

Film Production Services & Marketing

There is a sea of difference between video production and film production. We think we are blessed beyond measure to be able to work in both mediums. Let’s be honest here, making a feature film costs money, lots of it usually. There are a many post houses that you have to go through to contract out services and usually there is always a three day response period just for emails to be answered. We understand that time is money in the film world. Those that have worked with us in one capacity or another find themselves asking why it took so long to find us. AEF Media is not only able to provide post-production services to feature films, we also know our way around a set, plus we run various marketing strategies and distribution for feature films. Particularly faith-based.

Defining your image

There is an old saying that, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” We agree. How would companies showcase themselves without a brand or image? AEF Media specializes in fine photography and photo editing.
We provide premier photography, illustration, photo retouching, and even advanced imaging effects.

AEF Media is able to work closely with you and your team to develop the images and vision that reflects your needs and mission. Our creative know how to create a story from images is like no other. If you want to “wow” your audience with creative imagery, give us a call at (888) 380-6655.

Photo and Illustration Services

  • Executive / Personal Portraits
  • Advertising / Brochure Layout
  • Logo Design & Brand Identity
  • Letterhead and Stationary
  • Corporate & Annual Reports
  • Industrial Photography (TWIC Clearance)
  • Photo Retouching / Color Restoration

The Importance of Social Media

So you have a facebook page that you update once a day. You include a link, or a picture, or perhaps a clever little infographic you found somewhere else and you had a few people like or share it. Your on your way! Seems pretty simple right…?

The Marketing paradigm has shifted…

Social Media has never been more important. Mom and Pop stores across the nation have never had the ability to reach a captive audience like they do now through social platforms like facebook, twitter, and pinterest. All too often, small businesses struggle because their inability or refusal to adapt to this new marketing trend. The mentality that their is a magic way to gain a following online is futile. Your company or project needs results, and someone that knows the science and strategies of social media. AEF Media can help you establish a social media presence and increase your bottom line. Traditional marketing is not dead by any means but it has evolved. This strategy can be beneficial if you choose to capitalize on the new trends, but sadly many businesses refuse to adapt and small web start ups write the final chapter.

Why trust AEF Media with my social networks?

  • Proven success with past projects
  • Knowledge of current social media marketing strategies
  • Ability to adapt to new social trends
  • Custom Facebook APP development
  • Custom Twitter APP development
  • Social media integration with website

AEF Media provides you the best Application Development at a reasonable price. Our experience in developing large-scale applications means that we understand the ingredients that go into a website to make it profitable and generate business. We develop solutions that meet all the needs of your business keeping in mind the marketing and the design aspects.

A good looking website is not often enough to generate interest in your clients, but if the content is relevant and the website is easy to use, your users are more likely to enquire about your services. We specialise in building custom Content Management Systems that give you full control over your content and let you change it however you want, whenever you want, all by yourself.

Our Specialties

  • Content Management
  • E-Commerce
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Open Source – PHP/MySQL

Hosting you can trust

AEF Media helps our clients dumb down the complexities of IT Systems and hosting. Over the past few years, Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting services have sprung up.  Which ones are better? It depends on your website. Is it database driven?  Do you need a back office to add new products or services? Do you use e-commerce?  Do you have a website that needs public posts  like a blog?

There’s a lot questions out there when it comes to hosting and at AEF Media – we have simple solutions to that problem.

AEF Media provides affordable hosting solutions to both big and small firms that need a blend of affordable hosting but supported by a dedicated account manager with a managed service level. This means your firm can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year buy trusting your web hosting and IT management needs to AEF Media.

More than 25 companies already depend on AEF Media, and with dozens of customer accolades – you can rely on our expertise to help you keep your business website online and running around the clock.

Search Engine Evolution

Google continues to change their algorithm ever month. Matt Cutts of Google just announced the PANDA rolling changes which now takes place for 10 days every month.  That means Google robots will be looking at your website and seeing how it stacks up against the latest changes being made to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Keeping up with SEO key words, back links that carry ZERO page rank using the REL=NO FOLLOW links, and making sure your website has compelling and fresh content is what you need to focus on if you intend to keep your existing page one natural page rank – or if you ever intend to get one. AEF Media studies what Google is up to and many firms just like yours depend on our expertise to keep their website out of danger and fully compliant with Google’s up-to-date changes on PANDA.

But we also help you with Bing, Yahoo and Facebook optimization, too. Being found on Facebook and other search engines on the Internet is the best way to ensure leads keep coming your way.

Get a FREE no-obligation review of your Website’s SEO today by AEF Media. Call us at (888) 380-6655 or click here and fill out the form and we’ll call you.

Need a fresh perspective?

Many businesses have great products or services but maybe you’re a bit shy in the creative department, writing web sales copy, coming up with a catchy tagline, a logo – or maybe you’re just stumped on how to launch a new product. Ta-daaaaa!  AEF Media to the rescue!

We have a small, agile team of gifted people that are multimedia savvy. We’ll listen to you explain what you want to do, create or launch.  And we’ll come back to you with the perfect way to get your message out to the people that want to buy it.

Video, logos, website design and mini-advertising campaigns are all part of what AEF Media does. So consider our brain-storming session to help your company launch a really great new product or service.

Call us at (888) 380-6655 or click here and fill out the form and we’ll call you.

Who we are


Our strategy is simple, provide an all inclusive solution for fast paced companies that need affordable marketing services. AEF Media prides itself in being a “one-stop” production hub that delivers real results for serious business people.


AEF Media is a gifted team of creative individuals that provide the “must-have” creative and hosting services needed by any business today. Located in Mississippi we provide an powerful array of creative services from website design, social media, video production, SEO, blogs and website hosting. AEF Media has been faithfully serving the needs of small business since 2007.


AEF Media will deliver real results, on time, and on budget. Our purpose as a creative mastermind is to make your company or project look it’s best. Our expertise in various facets of production and design will help you reach your target market, and achieve your advertising goals.

How do we accomplish this?

AEF Media will develop, adapt, and deploy a dynamic marketing plan that will “wow” your customers and leave your competition behind. There aren’t many “one-stop” shops out there so let our team at AEF Media be the key to your marketing success. Fast, effective, and affordable. No smoke and mirrors here friends! Mississippi website design, video production, graphic design and layout, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media marketing all together under one roof!

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What do our clients think?

  • AEF Media will treat you honestly and right going the extra mile to make sure you are happy and the job is done to your satisfaction. Thanks guys for all your hard work and always coming through.
  •  AEF Media has become a huge asset for SkipStone Pictures and our feature film projects. I trust them because they pay close attention to detail and most importantly, AEF Media is reliable and cost effective. I look forward to the next project!

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